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I have the opportunity to deal with two patients who have attended the Lochend Clinique, with nothing short of amazing results.

The first encounter was with a patient who had been denied insurance coverage by the usual routes, and has been out of work force for almost two years before she was seen there.  Her rehabilitation was a miracle, according to current research, that states that the incidence of workers returning to the work force after two years of disability is negligible; this woman returned to full gainful employment, and is still working, now, more than a year later.

Another of my patients is receiving Myo-Postural therapy. She had received rehabilitative services with the usual massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy.  There was some improvement, but nothing sustained, and nothing of enough significance to allow her to lead a normal life.  She began Myo-Postural therapy with immediate improvement, and was quickly rehabilitated to the point of being able to return to her usual duties, continuing with therapy, yet abandoning the previous modalities.  She is now able to continue her previous work and lifestyle, with periodic treatments.  If she had continued with the other therapies, she likely would have only improved to a certain level, and needed to continue maintenance therapy very frequently for some pain relief and mobility.

I have referred other patients to their care, but often it is a monetary issue, and they are forced to resort to the usual therapies that are not restorative, in many cases.  I am very impressed with the actual rehabilitation these patients have achieved, as opposed to the usual disappointment encountered with conventional treatments, as per current recommendations and guidelines.

Long-term disabilities as a result of injuries in Motor Vehicle Collisions is a significant cost to our taxpayers; it behoves us as a society to find and endorse those therapies that actually allow return to the work force and reinstitute people into everyday socially contributing citizens.


Dr. J. L. P.


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