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I am writing you of the successful treatment I have received at the Lochend Myo-Postural Clinique.

On May 25, 1999, I was in a serious car accident where my vehicle was T-boned on the driver’s side.  The damage to my car was extensive ($15,000), and it was written off.  The other car also received approximately $10,000 damage.  I was wearing a seat belt at the time.

As a result of this accident, I was in a great deal of pain and had very limited mobility in my neck and back.  I had headaches and difficulty sleeping.  I received regular massage therapy and physiotherapy (heat, TENS and ultrasound) but nothing alleviated the pain.  I also visited a dental surgeon to treat TMJ problems.  He gave painkillers, but insisted only time (approx 1-2 years) would ease my discomfort.

Approximately 3 months after the accident, a friend referred me to Lochend Clinique.  After only two treatments, I felt significantly better.  I only needed 5 treatments in 1999 and 3 in 2000.  I now have total relief.  I no longer suffer from TMJ; I have full movement in my neck; and no longer a stiff back and I sleep normally once again.


C. H.


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