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I first attended Lochend Clinique with Lise Goodhart in February 1999 to try out the Myo-Postural therapy as recommended by a friend of mine who had seen a brochure and thought it might help me with chronic whiplash pain.

I had been in a car accident on February 5th, 1994 and had had extensive therapy of all sorts over the five year period and had spent all the benefits provided under section B of my automobile insurance and then some.  In total the treatments had cost over $5,000.

All together I had over 37 Chiropractic treatments, over 52 massages, countless physiotherapy treatments, Marcaine injections into trigger points in muscles, a splint for my TMJ, numerous visits to a pain management clinic for relaxation and meditation training, nutritional and pain management counselling.  I also had acupuncture using heat and electronic stimulation.

All in all only temporary relief occurred but the pain always came back.  I was willing to try anything to get me out of my chronic pain.  I had become desperate and depressed and at times thought that life wasn’t worth living if I was always going to be in pain and unable to have any quality or enjoyment.

I found that after my first treatment, which was very painful, I felt better.  After my second treatment I was feeling much better and by the end of my fifth treatment I was totally out of pain and only needed to return annually for a tune up.

I was so thrilled that I was telling everyone who I knew had an accident or back pain that they should go Lise, that her treatments were amazing even though I couldn’t describe how they worked, I only knew that they did.  I thought of her as a gift given to me to relieve me from my pain.

I have since had a new car accident on November 6th, 2001 and went to Lise right away, we have had to work on getting the inflammation down so that the treatments could start to work, and I am fully expecting that we will soon have me out of pain and feeling 100%.


S. S. K.


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