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1962 December

It was near Christmas and we were rear-ended by a car at a slow speed.  The other driver had his arm around his gal.  I put my hand up to protect my face from a possible serious injury.  I knew nothing about the damage our back, neck and entire body suffer from this type of accident and the distortions that keeps on as the years go by.

Four months later, I was sleeping sitting up with tightness and pain – like I was in a clamp.  At that point, in total disbelief, I was introduced to chiropractic services and an excellent physiotherapist.  The kinds of therapy were massage, ultrasound, and heat packs.  These treatments went on for about six months, twice a week.  Then once every two weeks or so for the next year.  If I got desperate, then I would have an additional one.

The sad part is sometimes I felt worse, occasionally felt some relief but, most often there would be no noticeable improvement.  I always was optimistic and hopeful there was an answer somewhere.

They always told me I was very much in tune with changes in my back.  My back and neck, indeed my entire body, never recovered to its pre-accident state.

Our son was born in April 1964.  At that time, because of neck weakness and tightness, I used to put my precious little boy on a flat surface, arm height to bathe, dress him and enjoy my special gift.  In spite of all this my husband frequently was called upon to apply pressure and massage to relieve this tightness and pain.

The statement “whiplash is like a dripping water torture”. How very true!

 1975 July

Struggling to avoid a serious pile-up on Highway#2 I veered into the ditch.  Unfortunately it was not a steady decline and the car dropped several feet from the road.  I received a rushed T12 with low back difficulties.  It was crushed so badly there was only a partial shell left.

I was hospitalized in Innisfail where X-rays were taken and was flat on my back for seven days.

On a return from hospital I contacted my Calgary Orthopaedic Doctor.  He viewed the X-rays and after examination he stated “one leg is longer than the other and you will have to live with the continual pain”.  Personally I did not want to completely accept his prognosis and immediately embarked on my own protocol.

I took chelated multi-minerals (massive amounts) daily and in one month I returned to my Orthopaedic Doctor.  He took X-rays and returned to the examination room.  With an expression of disbelief he said, “The vertebrae has rebuilt itself”.  I told him what I had taken and mentioned going to a Chiropractor.  He wrote extensive notes for his records.

From then on I had chiropractic adjustments in addition to physiotherapy.  Visits were frequent, often twice a week, reducing gradually.  Again, sometimes I felt a little better while other times there was really no improvement or felt worse.

 1992 January

I was proceeding on green light with my head turned to the left as I was double-checking to be sure it was clear.  I was rear-ended by a van travelling quickly.  My car had a low headrest and was little protection.  On impact the sting was so intense it felt like someone had taken a two by four and struck the back of my skull with full force.  The driver came up and apologized saying “I did not see you”.  He called the police and an ambulance.  I was in and out of consciousness but recall the ambulance driver putting a collar on my neck and the police asking for identification.

At the hospital I recall vomiting profusely and vaguely remember being asked how I felt.  I reiterated the story of the two by four hitting the base of my skull with full force.

I regained consciousness about six hours later in my hospital bed.  My body felt like I had come through a strenuous workout with my body exerted to the maximum.  I sensed my muscles and ligaments tightening all over.

An Orthopaedic surgeon checked me and offered painkillers, et cetera.  However, I am intensely allergic to all painkillers, antibiotics and told him of this problem.  He took a few minutes with a routine check, said little, and I was discharged that afternoon.  Three days later, my head and neck were totally locked.  I was unable to read for more than a few minutes.  This condition remained for many months and writing was nearly impossible.

I went back to the only protocols regarded as available for this type of injury.  My Chiropractor and his Physiotherapist put me through my paces. Physiotherapy was twice a week for three months then once a week for about a year, and then only as the Doctor felt necessary.  All treatments were under the direction of my Chiropractor who monitored the progress with the Physiotherapy and made suggestions for treatment.  Therapy included ice packs, ultrasound, hot packs (damp heat) with some massage.

Three years ago the tightness in my head was causing pressure and deterioration to my right eye.  A massage therapist was highly recommended, however $500 of treatments produced no results.

My jaw was tight with no flex, impeding some needed dental work, and probably causing my lower bridge to loosen.  I think my swallowing was being affected as well.

My dentist knows I have had a whiplash.  He observed my painful gait and gave me a brochure about the Lochend Clinic.  He had experienced a serious injury in his teens and had received excellent relief after one appointment with Lise and the Lochend Clinique.  The brochure spoke volumes to me and I felt there might be hope for my progressively worsening symptoms.

Before going to the Lochend Clinique I was experiencing a continuous pressure, feeling like my head would explode, sharp pain on occasion, usually impossible to turn to the left or right, almost frozen.  The hips, groin and pelvis were constantly a problem with pain.

Different treatments attempted were hot packs, cold packs, diapulse, acutron, diathermy, massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, castor oil packs, ultrasound, pressure points – and there may be others.

The last three appointments with my Chiropractor – he looked and said there is nothing more I can do.  With all the therapy there were times I came away with the feeling they did not know or understand what I was trying to describe.  I knew immediately Lise understood and worked on the problem with steady improvement.

I will never forget my first Myo-Postural treatment.  It felt like a weight had been lifted from my body.  A freedom of movement with more energy – I had not felt this good for so long I cannot recall.  My son, Peter, when he saw me later that day, said “WOW” when I stood straight and expanded my chest and breathed in.

Since October/November 2001 I was having diapulse and acutron as well as massage therapy for a nerve under by big toe.  When walking or standing it felt like a foot seized and was very painful.  We thought it might have been caused by orthotics.  These treatments helped somewhat but did not take the problem away.  The doctor suggested surgery might be the answer for this problem.  After three treatments with Lise it was 90% gone.

On my memorable fourth visit I truly felt my whole body realigning and changing.  My circulation was improving, I could speak easier (others have noticed) and my memory was keener.  With every visit there is less pain.  I was euphoric!

I have now been for eight sessions and am feeling a freedom of movement and “flow” I did not expect would ever return.  I am more clear-headed, huge hurdles are now small hills.

It is not until I began to recover that I truly realized the poor condition I was in.  My posture, walk, legs, feet, breathing, head movement, jaw, all had improved dramatically.  Prior to coming to Lochend Clinique my body was out of alignment and getting worse by the day creating pain and a tightness to describe – words fail me.

When I told my Chiropractor about Lise and Lochend Clinique he said “When you go there you will not need me anymore.”  Five months later that is exactly what has happened.

On April 27th this year I saw someone I had not seen for six years.  She exclaimed “What have you been doing to yourself – you look taller, younger, eyes shining, head up, tension gone from your face.

I am grateful beyond words for the development of Myo-Postural therapy and to Lise Goodhart and her husband, Rupert.

As I reflect on what I have experienced, the nature of the injury is so pervasive it is very difficult to explain herein.  I do know Lise understood and was able to touch the areas crying for help all these years!!

Respectfully yours,

J. M. R.


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