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I first attended Lochend Clinique with Lise Goodhart in March 2001.  I have thirty year history of back problems and can personally attest at this time that my back has never been better.

In 1972, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis.  In 1983, I was attacked sustaining further injuries to the spine including: herniated discs and degenerative disc disease in the Lumbar & Thoracic region.  In 1995, I developed a radiculopathy in the cervical and thoracic area.  As a result of my injuries, I had difficulty with walking and was in constant hip pain, difficulty in raising my right arm, decreased strength in my right arm, pain in my arm which at times radiated into my head, muscle spasms and pain in my back.  In 2000, I was rear-ended in a Motor Vehicle Accident, which further aggravated pre-existing problems.

Orthopaedic surgeons, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Physiotherapy have followed me.  The treatments have included: braces, prolonged bed-rest, exercise, aqua therapy, multiple medications, orthotics, aromatherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, the use of a TENS machine (Trans Electrical Nerve Stimulation).....

Some of the treatments have required extensive hospitalization and prolonged absences from work.  The doctors have frequently suggested spinal surgery and I was aware that the surgery to fuse my spine would be required at some point in the future. After my Motor Vehicle Accident in 2000, my Physician and I were convinced the time had come for a spinal fusion.

However, my surgery would have to be delayed as I was pregnant and could not have surgery until after my baby’s birth.  Treatments were further complicated by the pregnancy, as I was unable to take medications.  A friend of mine was aware of Lochend Clinique and the Myo-Postural Whiplash Therapy developed there, and suggested that I try this to help until my baby came and I could then have the spinal surgery.

I am a professional Nurse; presently I am the Clinical Specialist for The CAPITAL CARE Group and an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton.  When I described to friends and colleagues Myo-Postural Whiplash Therapy, we had to agree that it was based on sound practice.  I was especially interested in that Lise Goodhart felt she could prevent back surgery from happening.

After four treatments with Lise Goodhart, with the ongoing supportive treatments my husband did at home, I was virtually pain free and had increase range of motion and strength in my right arm.  My Physician was amazed in at the changes in my spine.

As a professional nurse, I am aware of the cost of back injuries has to the nursing profession, not only how personal injuries affect our ability to deliver care, but in the amount of sick time taken due to back injuries.  My Motor Vehicle Accident was a work related injury; I was absolutely astounded that the Worker’s Compensation Boards would cover my drugs, Physiotherapy, treatments for surgery and cover my salary for the time taken from work. However, a treatment that reduced my absenteeism from work, and reduced my use of the medical system was not covered.  Nor was this treatment covered by any private health insurance.

Following the four Myo-Postural Treatments I received in March and April 2001, it was decided in May 2001 that spinal surgery was unnecessary.  Now almost a year later, my back is better than it has ever been.  I have returned to Lochend Clinique for Myo-Postural therapy once in October 2001(following the birth of my baby) and I should probably come back for another maintenance visit soon (it is now end April 2002).

In Myo-Postural therapy, Lise Goodhart has developed a treatment for Vehicle Accidents and back injuries based on sound kinesthetic and bio-mechanical principles.  This is an innovative programme which should be taught to more clinicians.  I endorse Lise’s practice and encourage others to attend her clinic.


K. O.

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