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On December 1st 2001 I was the driver in a Motor vehicle accident on Highway number one approximately 14km west of Golden BC.  The 1989 Ford Ranger truck I was driving fishtailed on a patch of ice and after some 100 yards of veering right to left, my trying to correct the slide, the rear wheel of the vehicle struck an obstruction causing the rear axle to sheer in two.  Once the wheel detached we became airborne and after rolling three times finally came to rest with the driver side door upwards and my passenger trapped beneath the passenger door.  Rescue services transported my passenger and me to Golden Hospital and after my passenger had undergone X-rays and other medical treatment we were taken by ambulance to Foothills Hospital in Calgary.

After the accident I was very concerned with the condition of my elderly passenger and did not pay attention to my own injuries.  Within a few days, however, I began to realise that the stiffness, soreness and loss of range in motion would not just go away and, on the advice of my doctor, took steps to seek specialist therapy.

I was introduced to the Lochend Clinique by a colleague who had heard many good reports of their treatment specializing in Whiplash injuries.  After our initial consultation I became aware of the extent of my injuries.  My entire body was out of alignment, one side shorter than the other, I was holding my head crooked and trying to compensate for the difference.  The muscles in my neck and shoulders were swollen and I found it impossible to move at any pace at all.  I had limited range of motion just about everywhere.  I am a very active person, I walk, cycle, cross-country ski, hike, and play golf.  I work out at the gym at least three times per week and understand my body.  With Myo-Postural therapy the changes were dramatic.  Within a month I was back on track.  With each treatment the aching decreased and the range of motion improved.  I was able to use the techniques Lise gave me to begin gentle exercise again, thanks to her ice and treatments the swelling has gone down in my neck and shoulders and my abdominal muscles were beginning to ache less.  The actions of clenching the steering wheel, pressing the brake pedal for possible impact, then being tossed over and over twisting inside my seat belt cause widespread muscle damage which make the recovery rate all the more astounding. 

A. R.

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