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A new highly effective treatment for Whiplash and soft tissue injury

Myo-Postural Therapy is not like chiropractic, physiotherapy, or massage; it corrects all the body musculature and posture from head to feet, every visit. Myo-Postural therapy is based on bio-mechanical principles and on 15 years of prior research developing innovative therapies for severely handicapped children.

Myo-Postural treatments:

  • Reverses muscular spasms
  • Rebalances your musculature from head to feet
  • Equalizes leg length
  • Levels hips and shoulders
  • Straightens your spine and neck
  • Reduces load on joints and discs
  • Re-establishes proper form to your jaw and cranium

Whiplash is a trauma and shock to all the body. Accident forces distort the whole bodily musculature and posture, not just the cervical spine, back, or part of the body. You will never feel well again until your cranial distortions, muscle spasm and spinal scoliosis are corrected. We rebalance all of your body, head to foot, at every session. Each person and each accident is unique: so the resulting bodily distortions differ and change as Myo-Postural therapy advances.

Here are some of the symptoms and distortions you could have after a car accident or trauma:

Crookedman with Problem Description


After a crash, pain and symptoms can start days, weeks, even years later. Many therapies seem to help initially, but the results often don’t last. Our development of methods to analyse body structure shows why most therapies fail long term, why pain can be delayed or comes and goes.

Accidents and most therapies tear muscle fibres, activating an alarm response: this can deaden pain and symptoms for hours, days or longer. Stretch and exercise or placebo effect boosts endorphins, therefore reducing pain perception. Symptoms lessen for a while, so therapies seem to work. But alarm responses stress the body; repeated re-injury from therapy leads to chronic inflammation, a major cause of severe delayed pain.

Accident forces distort your whole body from head to feet. Your brain then adapts, using your distorted body as best as it can. Stretch and exercise therapies teach your brain to compensate better for your distorted body, so you continue using a biomechanically inefficient, distorted body. Your body pays a hidden long-term price. We find that nearly all therapies and exercise increase inflammation. Distortions never go away on their own, sooner or later your body complains.

Many people with hip or knee surgery, bulged or herniated discs, Fibromyalgia have had accidents years or decades earlier: the underlying causes were never corrected, leading to chronic pain and problems. All patients we see have: unequal leg length and pelvis, spine, chest, shoulders, neck face, jaw, or cranium distortions. The results from these distortions lead to compressed organs, nerves, blood, and lymph vessels. The brain often has decreased blood flow, so the perception of pain increases.

Your straight body structure is now more efficient, uses less energy, freeing more resources for repair with less wear and tear. Normal space for organs, brain, nerves, and blood and lymph circulation is restored. More oxygen and nutrients flow into painful or inflamed areas, wastes are flushed away: thus reversing Ischemia – a major cause of pain. Even intractable conditions like degenerated discs and joint can start to heal when the rate of bodily repair exceeds the rate of wear, with less disc and joint load. Many enduring lives of pain find lasting relief.

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